Your Word Choices Matter

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May 21, 2019
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June 4, 2019

Your Word Choices Matter

People are so crazy busy all the time that it has really deep ramifications on how we talk to each other at work. And the word choices we use really matter.

For example, email communication.

A quick email you fire off in the moment just to get it off your plate, or out of the way can really have ramifications.

You can send that email really quickly without nuance or asking for buy in.

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And it does have reputational effects and down the line impact people that you work with.

For example young workers may really hang on every word you say.

So they may really be interpreting it for example.

So the next time you really want to send out a quick email just get it off your plate, consider the following things.

One, know your audience.

Really understand more of who that person is and how you can communicate better with them. And two, try not to use the words just.

So another thing that happens in our email vernacular is you know I just wanted to check in, I just wanted to follow up.

That sounds like an apology so you really need to walk that line in terms of being assertive with what you’re asking for, getting buy in, knowing your audience without apologizing.