The Leadership Passport Salon

Get ready to make new friends and learn new perspectives all in a single evening.

Called “the most welcoming dinner where I didn’t know anyone,” the Leadership Passport Salon is our private meetup in NYC. I freaking love bringing together people I think are really going to hit it off professionally and personally.

Right now, the Salon is focused on L&D professionals. We're a curated group of 6-10 and we meet in person in NYC. We dig deep into career and professional topics to help you navigate your career and/or do your job better in all areas of people development. We share stories, resources and perspectives with other like-minded professionals. We laugh a LOT. And while the evening is focused, it’s not stuffy.

Recent meetups:

November 13, 2018 - A night out at Wined Up

January 15, 2019- "In the Boardroom" hosted by Harrys

March 12, 2019- Closed Door Meeting Hosted by Flatiron Health

L&D Hot Seat Meetup, April 23, 2019

Are you an L&D professional and want to come to the next meetup? Please email us at and we'll ensure you're on the list!

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