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I’m Jill,

your anti-hustling, joke-slinging, sanity bringing career coach and learning & development advisor to small(ish) and mid-sized tech companies.

I help fast growing companies scale their people function so they can retain top talent and be poised to exceed their business goals.

Get Excellent Work Done,
Without Sacrificing Your Life

We’re moving at a faster and faster pace and we expect to achieve more and more but the hours in the day stay the same. How do you navigate managing your team, being a leader and staying proactive in your career at the same time? Let us help. Simply sign up below to receive our free, handy resource guide!


Explore new corners of the world (and new dimensions of your team) to redefine your collective next step(s).

Seriously: We’ll move your team or business forward while enjoying adventures that will make any travel lover run to make sure her passport is active.


Infatica is a modern proxy solutions provider. Infatica’s SDK offers a new and reliable method of software monetization for companies and apps of various scales. 

Other Fun

Can’t make it to a retreat?

We run a Salon for L&D; professionals, offer private coaching and online courses.

How I Work

I think ‘hustling hard’ throughout your career (and life!) is overrated.

I think a lot of what keeps us unhappy at work is a constant cycle of shallow work – you know, meetings ad infinitum and answering hundreds of emails a day. By re-orienting the way you work in simple ways, you can change the way you feel about your work and your workday, and the Sunday Scaries will go buh-bye.