Why Last Week Was One Of The Most Fulfilling Of My Career

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April 27, 2014
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Why Last Week Was One Of The Most Fulfilling Of My Career

As most of my readers know, I have a client for whom I do event work, coincidentally what I did in my past life. I was the lead on their annual two-day client appreciation event and basically produced it from soup to nuts. (By the way, does anyone else get confused by that phrase?) Here’s a picture of the foyer/registration area. Had fun building the set! And below that is part of the sushi small plates station we put together for our Around the World themed evening event. I ate 1 or 54 pieces of that.



Anyway, the event was near flawless. People loved it. People were complimentary. And all of that stuff is great, do not get me wrong, but the two major reasons why last week was one of the most fulfilling of my career had nothing to do with monetary gain, accolades from clients and co-workers or any sort of self-advancement:

1. Ownership: To literally create everything from the concept to the execution of something and have ownership across the entire event cycle was hugely fulfilling.

2. Composure: I had amazing assistance at various points throughout the event, but never before did the buck stop with me for everything from content, to on site production to logistics to marketing. It was, in a word, nuts. However, I like a good challenge so was totally into it and loved it. However, I knew that I would need to invest major time into health and wellness through this process, so I made sure to make the evening pilates class, sleep 8 hours a night and go to meditation. It really showed me that through self care and mindfulness, it’s possible for me to take on more than usual AND maintain composure and grace throughout.

So enough about me. What about you? Think about a fulfilling career moment. What made it a moment or time to remember? If you’re reaching for that moment now, what would it look like to you? I’ve talked to clients, friends and people in career groups in NYC and elsewhere, and people are tired of going through the motions in their job and are starting to think more mindfully and consciously about what would fulfill them. Opening thinking about these themes has led more than one of my clients to change careers completely, putting them on a path to daily fulfillment and joy. We spend so much of our lives at work- who said it had to be anything less than completely rad?

If you have a story about a fulfilling moment in a career or one you are reaching toward, share it below!