Want A Weekend Devoted Totally To You?

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January 19, 2014
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Want A Weekend Devoted Totally To You?

I can imagine many of you reading this are saying YES to that question. Which is why I want to share this amazing weekend we at Life Coach Radio Networks are planning on Feb 8-9 in NYC for anyone who wants to get their priorities straight, reclaim a part of his or her life that has fallen by the wayside and/or move forward toward a goal.

There are PLENTY of sessions from which to choose and you can tailor your experience based on what YOU want. Sample topics include Unleashing the Power of Spirituality for Personal Transformation, Writing Your Personal Mission Statement, Top 10 Tips for Reclaiming Space for What Matters Most and 7 Steps to Recover from Divorce Without Drama to Create a New Life. I’m speaking at 9am on Sunday, February 9, hosting an interactive workshop. Details are below and the full agenda can be found here. Registration page can be reached here. 


Your Life Your Way: Defining The Life You Want (Not What Facebook, Your Mom Or A Magazine Say You Should Want)

Presenter: Jill Ozovek

Ever feel unfulfilled or unsure after measuring your life against “perfect” images you encounter on Facebook, Instagram or your favorite TV show? How do you reconcile these idealized depictions of the lives successful young women should be living with your hopes and aspirations for your unique and fulfilling future?What if you gave yourself the space and time to be able to conceptualize and craft a vision of the life YOU want for yourself beyond the Millennial and Gen Y stereotypes you read about in the mass media every day? How do you break free from the expectations your family and loved ones may have for you based on their own preconceived notions from the mass media?

Join Jill Ozovek, Certified Professional Coach & Founder of Jill Ozovek Coaching  for a hands-on, collaborative workshop that will provide:

  • Research-based insights into where these thoughts of lack may be coming from and how mass media and social media affect the choices women make
  • Tools that will help you become ‘unstuck’ and less focused on what others are doing, freeing up your mental space and giving you a sense of calm and balance
  • Encouragement and a proven roadmap that will help you to blaze your own trail and be the woman you were born to be

This seminar is for you if you want to:

  • Design your own agenda co-created according to your priorities and values
  • Explore real answers on how to move forward to achieve your specific personal goals that work for your lifestyle but might not be sure where to start
  • Understand what gets you (and can keep you) stuck
  • Move away from being defined by the culture and move toward defining the issues for yourself

Hooked on what we’re offering? Register here to create your experience February 8 and 9, one seminar at a time.  There are early bird discounts until Jan 24!