Tough Career Question of the Week: How Do I Know When to Stop?

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August 7, 2016
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Tough Career Question of the Week: How Do I Know When to Stop?

This week’s TCQW (that’s kind of a crappy acronym) is from H.J. in NYC. She asks, “How do I know when to keep going with my career exploration and when to stop?”


It’s a fact: When we have full time jobs and are thinking about changing careers or are in the process of changing careers, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are kids to take care of (and be with) and bills to pay and weddings to plan and disagreements with partners, not to mention your actual DAY JOB– all of this is normal. What’s not normal is how we think we need to continue ‘doing it all’ when we’re JUST.TAPPED.OUT.


This is where HJ’s question is coming from. And while Old Jill circa 2011 when I was crazed would say “Keep pushing through!” New Jill says the following- and don’t worry, it’s SUPER simple.


I want you to ask yourself two things:


  1. How are you feeling right now?
  2. What do you need?


If today just isn’t the day for you to revamp your resume, let it go. It will not run away overnight (as much as we wish it would).
IMPORTANT disclaimer: I’m not saying ‘give up’. I’m not saying go back to the status quo. I’m just saying to be light with yourself as you go through this process and give yourself a break. If you need someone to give you permission to do this (as I often do) I, JILL OZOVEK OF SOUND MIND, am giving you permission.


It’s only when we begin to make conscious choices about how we’re feeling and moving through this stuff does the real progress and change begin to take root.


So follow me and grab a walk or a bubble tea or a weekend or week off from this career change work. And come back and rejoin the cause when you’re recharged. That’s when your best work will happen- I know it.