Totally Doable Job Tip of the Week: Meeting Management

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May 27, 2015
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Totally Doable Job Tip of the Week: Meeting Management

Dude(ettes), how often do you look back on your day and notice that your meetings got out of control and that you got absolutely nothing done? And worse, the meeting was the talk about the meeting in advance of the other meeting?

Oh boy, I know. I know all too well that rising sense of panic as morning mooshes (an official term) into afternoon and then the light begins to fade in the evening and you’ve STILL.GOTTEN.NOTHING.DONE!!!

If you’re tired of falling further and further behind due to meetings, it’s time for you to have a meeting management plan, my friend.

Some ideas worth considering/implementing:

  • Sticking to a start and end time to every meeting. It may be hard to shut it down, especially if the team is onto something, but if you start managing the expectation that the meeting will end at the appointed time, then people will act accordingly to fit it all in the appointed time. The reason they’re sucking up more time is because you’re letting them.
  • Send a recap. After the meeting send the meeting notes with the to-dos and the ‘owner’ of each to-do, if applicable. Send the recap before the next meeting (24 hours+) so you don’t spend any of the meeting recapping the last one.
  • If people don’t read/prep: This one can be tough for people (read: me), but if you have people that come unprepared, refer them to the meeting notes and continue the meeting (or insert your personal way of handling that).
  • Put an aggressive lens on whether the meeting needs to happen and who needs to be involved. Can it be a driveby the ol’ cubicle impromptu chat? Can it be a quick phone call? How many key stakeholders are there, really? If someone is needed for one thing only, ask them for their input before the meeting happens.

What other meeting management tips have you used? What’s been the winner? Share in the comments below!

Time it takes to complete: Varied, but if you try to implement it for your next meeting, ~30 minutes of thought + the time of the meeting (which should never be over 1 hour).