Totally Doable Job Tip of the Week: Getting Through the 3pm Hour

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June 15, 2015
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Totally Doable Job Tip of the Week: Getting Through the 3pm Hour

We all have that time of the day. It may not be 3pm, but it’s sure as heck sometime of the day, and you know it: it’s characterized by lethargy, maybe a headache/head explosion feeling or if it’s hot in my office, a lethal combination of the lethargic sweats. (TMI?) Also, with my pesky lil back issue, I sometimes feel like the C3PO, or another robot of your choice.

In other words, it ain’t pretty. And it ain’t really that healthy either.

So, what are ways you can take control of your least favorite or least productive working hour?

What’s included here is not some magic elixir I whipped up- although, LGS, wouldn’t that be nice?- but instead most likely some reminders for the brain-stretched among us:

Block out your calendar: Seriously, I do not allow calls or meetings at specific times of the day. It’s not selfish- it’s for the common good of those also involved in the meeting. If we wanna make the big moves like Jermaine Dupri in 1998, then it’d be a disservice to my peeps to show up and half-arse something.

Know your body: Is it hungry? Is it tired? Is your mind buzzing a million miles a minute? Get into the practice of checking in with yourself. My Alexander Technique and Mindfulness teacher, among other people, talks about a full body scan. Just now, I was nauseous and realized I had had too much coffee and not enough food, so I ate part of my healthy snacky stash. And that motivated me to write this blog. Since I needed a reminder and maybe some new ideas, I figured others might as well. Real time, Jill, at your service!

Go Away. Hopefully you work for a company that isn’t tracking your every move, or you work for yourself or you work from home or you work for a sane company. My point being, we’re not robots, so our break times and work flow is all different from one another. Go for a walk, get some frozen yogurt, go get some errands done, call your momma…these are all things I did during a brief 15 minute break during my 3pm slowdown time at my contract job I worked at while I was building my business. I came back refreshed and was more alert/able to contribute. Boom.

Boost Ya Brain: Is there a crossword that’s been in your bag for forever? Or a magazine article you almost finished on the train. Take it out and get your brain working in a different way than the ‘work way’. This was huge for me as I transitioned from my contract job working on events during the day to my evenings of building my biz (TOTTTTALLLY different mindset/skillset and my brain often hurt). Or, combine brain boosting with connectivity. Maybe you’re playing Words with Friends with your sister- get a dose of friendly banter and competition along with connectivity and brain fodder.

Take a Nap: Ok this one’s not always possible for many of us. But if you work at one of the increasing numbers of companies that have nap rooms or couches and the culture encourages it, do it. 15 minutes alone can boost how you feel for the rest of the day. I ran a morning workshop recently at 8am-10am, meaning I had to disrupt my normal sleep pattern to get my morning routine in there AND get to the place. So what did I do when I finished? I took a 25 minute nap and then had some of the most productive and sharp 2 hours of work in my life. It’s not lazy, it’s life changing.

What other tactics do you use to get through your toughest hour? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Leave some comments!