The Topic on Everyone’s Mind This Week

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October 9, 2015
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The Topic on Everyone’s Mind This Week

No, I’m not talking about the NYC Pizza Rat (although, gross). Nor am I talking about the 30 pound burrito challenge (although, intriguing).

I’m talking about balance. And before you roll your eyes and say, “That’s impossible,” or “What is she going on about now?” (said in a British accent), hear me out.

First of all, when I say ‘balance’, I don’t mean everything is hunky dory in all aspects of your life. Nor do I mean you are essentially holding a million balls in the air in perfect balance and the strain is killing you. A balanced life shouldn’t feel like a constant struggle. It shouldn’t feel like, “One wrong move and it all comes toppling down- dun dun dun!” It should feel….easy. (And no, not ALL the time, every SECOND, but overall.)

Why am I noticing this topic this week? 

1. It’s literally on every client’s mind. (OK not literally- that’s impossible). Every client I have spoken with so far this week and end of last week has mentioned balance in some way shape or form. Someone I just started working today pinpointed it as her #1 criteria / priority for her life.

2. Social media is abuzz over it. A colleague of mine posted this on Facebook: “Researching full-time jobs and am kind of flabbergasted by the number of companies that require nights, weekends, holidays, and even availability “in December and January with no special time off” (taken word for word out of a job description with a reputable brand). Why is zero work-life balance not only the norm but the standard now?”

49 people ‘liked’ it and there are about a dozen comments so far and counting.

Additionally, whole articles are being written on company culture at places like Google, Zappos and the like and how employee happiness and engagement is paramount.

3. There is a craving for this kind of personal or inner work and development. Whole companies are cropping up over it. (Check out Mindvalley Academy for one such group- maybe a great place to be EMPLOYED at, huh?)

So, with so much interest and intention around having a balanced life (which oftentimes seems to stem from having a balanced professional life rather than the other way around), why are there so many craptastic companies to work for and what can you do about it so you don’t end up at one of those?

1. Ask the right questions. I did this exercise with my 30 Day Bootcamp last week– think of culture questions to ask that are not, “So how’s the culture here?” Things like, “What’s the difference between a good employee in this role and a great one?” can give you a glimpse into whether the company’s values are aligned with yours. “How do you onboard new employees and how do you handle beginner mistakes?” could give you insight into how supportive a company culture is. Pro tip: “We don’t think people make beginner mistakes” or “We hope people don’t make them,” is not the answer you’re aimin’ for.

2. Research! Glassdoor is of course a great tool to see employee reviews, but not every company is on there slash getting feedback from a human you know or know through someone is better. Make sure you have specific questions before talking with someone. Also, know your parameters/non-negotiables before heading in. What will you or won’t you tolerate? Would the job description referenced in my colleague’s post above- long hours and weekends and holidays- be amenable to you? Get specific.

3. Know Your Narrative. Yes, yes, that pesky topic I keep talking about AGAIN. Know your story- where you’ve been and where you’re heading – so that you are only going for companies that are a match for your specific case. A lot of times we end up at crappy companies because it sorta relates, but not really or we’re not sure how it relates, and we don’t pay attention to red flags because we JUST WANNA JOB DAMMIT….you see how it can go. But knowing what you want, what you don’t want and how to craft questions to determine fit will go MILES and MILES toward you finding that balance. If you want to learn more about how we can work on your narrative together, go here. 

4. The Lever Approach. Lastly, let’s incorporate a little of the rest-of-your-life into this post. It’s the lever approach and one I started using recently, albeit a little late. I’ll give you a personal example to demonstrate.

For anyone looking at my life currently on paper, it’s insane. Lots of amazing work, clients, business opportunities- and that’s just work. Some family stuff is taking priority as well as my relationship with my partner. But I don’t feel insane overall. Yea, there are moments when I’m a little rushed, but I gotta say- they’re few and far between.

It’s because other levers in my life are dialed way down for now- namely personal development classes that I like to go to, social engagements and friends. They’ll be there when I’m back! (By the way, the first time i used this lever approach, it was tough to let go, but the benefits are so worth it that it’s easier and easier to do.)

So in closing, I’m not saying, “Follow this recipe and you’ll achieve nirvana and bliss!” but instead, play with some of the ideas above and see what works for you over time- and let me know how it goes!

Want to talk about any of this? Maybe a way to put some of this in motion for you? Sign up to chat for a brainstorm call here.