Dopamine Loop & Deep Work

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June 11, 2019
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June 25, 2019

Dopamine Loop & Deep Work

So, I’m really fascinated by brain science, and I think it really helps us normalize what we are going through IE we not doing something because we are insane.

There’s a real neurochemical reaction, and reason why, right?

So, let’s consider the dopamine effect, the endless dopamine loop that we go through when we’re at work a lot of times.

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So, the dopamine loop looks something like this: there’s a stimulus IE in this case your phone dings, you have a new notification of some kind, you react to it by checking that notification, and then actual pleasure, seeking pleasure by this endless information loop happens, and it solidifies that every time you check that ding, you will feel that jock of pleasure, or being needed, or whatever it is, and it just self-reinforces itself over time.

This is important at work because if we are actually trying to get deep work done, and do meaningful stuff, meaningful impact for our jobs, for the world, et cetera, we are getting interrupted all the time by this dopamine loop.

So, what’s my call to action to you today?

Go learn all about your brain.

Just kidding.

Notice, noticing is all I’m asking you to do here.

The next time you have a ding or a notification on your phone, or email, or whatever it is you use, notice your reaction in the moment as best you can.