Staying Sane Job Search Style as We Enter the Holidays

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October 14, 2015
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November 18, 2015

Staying Sane Job Search Style as We Enter the Holidays

Around the holidays, our to-do lists often get longer. There are things to finish at work before the New Year, making our days a little longer on the job. There are more family get-togethers and planning for the holidays. And, if you’re in the thick of your job search, that might feel like the thing to fall off the ol to-do list. Amirite?

If you’re in the throes of your career change and/or job search, resist the urge to wait til January. I know it may sound counterintuitive, but this is JUST the time to go full speed ahead toward what you want. For example, people often say to me that there’s no point in submitting applications between Thanksgiving in January 1st because no one’s around. Well, if ‘no one is applying’ and HR managers and hiring managers are playing catchup in this time frame, isn’t it EXACTLY the time to apply?!

So, what are some other quick tips to maintain momentum throughout the end of the year?

Balance. Holiday obligations are a thing, and can be time consuming (but fun!), and for many people, exhausting. Make sure you fuel yourself and don’t feel like you have to do it all. Take a night (or 6) off, go to that pilates class and get what you need to keep the job hunt top of mind without being overwhelming.

Plan. Pick the times you will work on the job stuff. Have a reasonable goal (picking 6 days/nights to work on job stuff is probably not reasonable) and see how it goes. Maybe start with one weekend morning and 2 weeknights a week and schedule it in your calendar. Amend as needed, no judgments if what you set out to do wasn’t ideal. You’ll get there.

Set Yourself Up for Success. Research networking events for Nov-Jan and put some in your calendar. Maybe even sign up for some this month! Note that in December, these may be ‘disguised’ as holiday parties for networking groups or associations. Don’t be deceived- you can get out there and meet new people in the holiday season. Also, people *could* be slower at work, depending on their company’s year-end, so they may be able to duck out for a coffee more easily than, say, September, so one-on-one networking could be amped up in these last two months. Reach out to 2-4 people you want to catch up with (and who could also help you with your job search) and send ’em a note! Make sure when you meet that you find out what they’re up to, in case you’re able to help them!

What are some other ways you stay sane and balanced with your job search in general and during the more hectic holiday period? Leave comments below!

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