Real talk from women who aren’t on the ‘hustle hard’ hamster wheel of life.

Tired of hearing interviews with “successful people” who talk about how they gave up their life for 8 years, sacrificed all fun and ate ramen noodles underneath their desk at 2am after they had forgotten to eat because they were 'grinding, bro'?

So was I, so I decided to share stories of people who do things another way. This is not a show about perfect work-life balance (doesn't exist, yo) or 'having it all' (please. Stop.). Instead, we're bringing you vulnerable stories of people in the thick of it, figuring out how to live sane, productive lives. Or we'll talk to organizations cultivating this kind of environment. You’ll gain new perspectives, tools, and guidance on the challenges we all face when building careers and lives that make us regularly bust out in happy dances.

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