Our Learning & Development Offerings

Scaling Your People Strategy -- Or Even Just Getting Started -- Is Nothing to Sneeze At.

It’s perfectly understandable that the daily fires that need your attention take over, keeping you mired in the day-to-day. Not to mention:

  • You’re also in charge of HR, Onboarding, Recruiting, Benefits and the constant juggling is exhausting
  • Your CEO and executive team are hard to nail down and you need them on board for your programming and initiatives
  • You’re so strapped for time that there’s no room for the deep thinking time needed for thoughtful program development

The list goes on. Let us help. We excel at becoming a trusted extension of your L&D team for both short and long-term engagements so you can do what you need to do on the daily. We’re passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and work with fast growing tech companies that have a need to build, scale and nurture the talent development side of their business ASAP.

Check out the two main ways we can work with you below and click on the button to schedule some time to talk. To check out our thoughts on employee engagement and development, visit the blog here. To learn more about joining our L&D Professionals Salon in NYC, click here. And to learn more about the offsites we can design for you, please

Custom Program Builds

At our core, we are content creators and instructional designers. We take inputs from you (e.g. employee engagement surveys, your 5 leadership pillars, etc) and we custom design the new manager training program or leadership program from soup to nuts. This includes program design, cohort design, needing comms and timeline, content builds, learning stickiness elements....all the way down to facilitator notes. And heck, we can run the learning event and facilitate that program too. We like to roll up our sleeves and get our handy dirty and excel equally at big picture strategic thinking to ensure we’re matching your overall goals...and nitty gritty detail work, so you don’t have to worry about any loose ends. We can also custom design single workshops, a smaller workshop series or your company offsites the scope is up to you!

Off-The-Shelf Workshops & Training Programs

We’re passionate about building the next generation of leaders and believe the strongest business results are only possible when conscious leaders are at the helm. So, we’ve created our own Leadership Passport program that covers the gamut of must-have leadership skills. The program is modular in scope, meaning we can build anything from a single workshop to a full 6 month executive program with coaching and effectiveness report, so you can track how impactful your investment has been.