How to Have the Time of Your Life Job Hunting!

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February 2, 2015
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February 7, 2015

How to Have the Time of Your Life Job Hunting!

Cue Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, please! How many times have you said to a friend (or vice versa), “I have to go home tonight and look for a job and am dreading it”? Or how about this one: Do you view career development as a ‘have to’ versus something that could be engaging and enjoyable?

If so, I’m a-talkin’ to you. And Jill of Yesteryear. It’s actually a huge reason for why I got into this work as a career coach- because I realized that after many years of doing the same thing and wondering why it didn’t fit, that career development work doesn’t have to be a drag or dreaded or boring. In fact, it can inspire creativity and even beget more opportunities than you ever previously thought possible.

And no, I’m not talking about methods of thinking that say to “envision something and it will happen.” While that mentality has its place, what I’m talking about here is mindset. Setting yourself up fun and enjoyment, creative expression and exploration actually sows the seeds for opportunities to come your way. I’ve read articles about dating in this vein- if you stop focusing on the “toughness” of it all and instead you’re doing what you love and/or open yourself up to creative expression and being yourself, the person of your dreams will eventually show up.

This notion can be applied to career work. Try and stop hyper focusing on the ‘problem’ and instead expand your lens to the possibilities. With some discipline and conscious choosing to think this way, you’ll start to see the bigger picture- instead of blurriness, it will start to come into focus.

But how, Jill?

  • Carve out Time: Preferably not after a 16 hour day at the office. Maybe you commit to leaving on time every Tuesday or Wednesday (because we can’t plan for every fire so let’s include some flexibility here), and using the time at night to think. Or maybe you can go in at 10am- use those morning hours before things get insanely busy at the office.
  • Write: You can free form journal or, there are tons of resources online for exercises you can do to expand your lens and start thinking about other possibilities for you. I use tools I’ve developed with clients to do this very thing.
  • Step out of the box/routine: Maybe there’s a standup comedy class starting or a book club at your library, or something else you’ve never considered before. Take some time to consider other options to expand your lens and pick one.

In a nutshell this is why I do the work I do- changing careers or working to get ahead in your career to reach and exceed your goals isn’t easy work. There are obstacles, and sometimes we don’t know the answer, so doesn’t it make sense that while we’re grappling with those challenges, we infuse a bit of fun into it?

In this vein, I’m offering both a live program and an online program this year where the primary goal, of course, is to make real tangible progress, but the secondary goal is to have some fun, learn something new and feel supported along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more…

The Career Chat N Chew Supper Club is on February 10 in NYC- info and discounts here. We’re going to be digging into our Passion Palate- in other words, using the shared interest in culture and cuisine in a relaxed setting to really figure out what we’re passionate about in a facilitated group discussion and exercises.

The Swift Kick in the Pants 30 Day Online Career Bootcamp begins April 6. This is a great way to have fun getting your career in gear from the comfort of your own home and phone- and includes some sessions with me! How it works and tickets are here.

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