How To Build Rapport With Your Team

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June 18, 2019

How To Build Rapport With Your Team

So, I wanna talk about building rapport with your employees.

It’s a thing that a lot of managers skip over ’cause they’re crazy busy and it doesn’t take that much effort.

So, these are questions like learning about what people like to do outside of work, asking how vacations were, learning what outside of work skills they like working on, et cetera.

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You can do these sorts of things while you’re waiting for everyone to gather for a meeting or at the coffee machine or when you start your weekly check-in meeting with them.

Doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but taking that extra little time helps build rapport and make people feel comfortable.

Now there’s just a couple questions that you really shouldn’t ask and they’re things about ya know, whether they have kids or they’re married or things of that nature, personal HR things, but if they offer that to you, you can certainly add those things in too.

So, keep in mind the little trick of spending a minute at the beginning of each meeting building a rapport, asking them how they’re doing, leaving it open ended and getting to know one another.