How I Shutdown Each Day

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June 4, 2019
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June 18, 2019

How I Shutdown Each Day

Hey, I’m gonna show you my shutdown process now, because I really do think there is something to sort of sealing your day, rather than jumping into the next thing, jumping on the subway or the car ride home.

So the first thing I do is look at my schedule from that current day.

So we had shown you in a previous video or another video how I schedule my days.

So I look back at that schedule, and I say, how did it go today overall? Was I underestimating, overestimating how long things took?

Do I feel good about my day? What would I improve? It doesn’t need to be this beating up thing.

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That’s not what it’s about, it’s noticing.

So, I do that first, and then I will plan the next day.

So if it’s Tuesday, for example, I look back on Tuesday and I do the same plan thing, planning out the day for Wednesday given my top priorities, which I showed you in another video, are on my sheet.

I like this free-form messy way, but you might have another way. And then the main thing I do is focus, this is called Two Minute Mornings.

It’s a journal to win your day every day.

I don’t believe you can win your day every day, but you could strive for that.

I actually use this at night.

So I open it up, and you can see, I write in it.

You write the date down, and I focus on these questions.

I will let go of?

So, for me, it’s usually rushing or trying to do too much with too little time or somethings like that.

There’s this box here for I am grateful for.

So I write down the things I’m grateful for for the day, even if it’s a great salad at lunch or something small, and then I will focus on.

So this is helpful because I do this before, plan the next day a little bit, and then it gives me a seal for what I wanna focus on the next day.

So that’s really helpful.

And then, the other thing I’ll do is I’ll just do a two-minute pause when possible.

So I’ll just, kind of, sit here, like I’m literally sitting here, and I’ll just close my eyes and just kind of sit for a minute before jumping into the next thing, and then I close this down and put this away so the desk is clear, and I have a nice evening free of looking at my computer and all my papers and stuff.

So you find what works for you, but that’s an example of a nice shutdown routine that doesn’t just rush you into the next thing.