Delivering Difficult Feedback At Work

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Delivering Difficult Feedback At Work

So today, I want to talk about delivering tough feedback, and I think we can all agree as like a baseline, it’s pretty freaking uncomfortable.

No one really likes to do it, and we generally don’t want to.

We put it off. We’ll do it tomorrow, we’ll do it tomorrow until problems with employees become so big that they’re unavoidable, but you have the power to stop that in its tracks.

So here are a couple ways to shift your mindset around that.

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Number one is know that it’s valued.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, 72% of employees expect and 100% welcome it, so those stats are pretty telling.

Next, think about your role in this. For example, is part of the reason why you’re not getting this great results you’re looking for from an employee based on something that you or your department isn’t doing or is doing? For example, maybe there’s something needed in the onboarding process to prevent this, so it could be information for you, too, so it’s another way to get over the giving difficult feedback hump.

The next thing to think about to get over that hump is to think about the long-term benefit. Is Sally not giving great communication to a client? Is Jimmy dressing inappropriately at work? Think about the long-term ramifications of not giving the corrective feedback and what that could mean for client relationships down the line, bottom line numbers, et cetera.

So when you actually think about the impact that actually helping a person out will have on both them and your company, it can make it a little less daunting.

The call to action I wanna point out here with delivering difficult feedback is more of a rip-the-bandaid-off approach.

Pay attention to who you haven’t given feedback to today, and make a note to talk to them today.