Career Passport Retreats

It can be hard to move your career forward and create the life you want when you’re stuck in your current habits - or work is literally draining every reserve you have.


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These Retreats Are:

  • Efficient, allowing you to move forward leaps and bounds in just a few days.
  • A laid-back and safe space to rest, relax, and be real about the challenges you’re facing.
  • Focused on giving you a concrete set of very specific next steps that you can go home and execute—not vague dreams that never get done. (PLUS: We offer follow up support, so you’re never left to your own devices if you don’t want to be!)
  • A chance to connect with seriously kind, funny, supportive and smart women who can be allies to help with your career or work.

These Retreats Are Not:

  • A “find your passion” workshop. There are already enough of those and, frankly, I think picking one passion or “dream job” isn’t feasible and just produces anxiety. Instead, we’ll identify the bread crumbs for you to follow next.
  • A kumbaya fest. Though we may meditate to help get in the right frame of mind, and we’ll definitely encourage real, sometimes uncomfortable conversations, we won’t be woo-woo about it.
  • A vacation. Yes, I want you to have fun, explore new places, and leave well rested, but you’ll need to be prepared to put in the work to make changes in your career.
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    “I enjoyed the advice and resources given and the opportunity to meet new people and discuss how to advance my career.” -Elizabeth D.
    “Jill is a great leader to distill topics down, lead discussion and have people feel heard." -Prudence N.
  • ERICA R.
    “[I enjoyed] that it was an event with like-minded people and women from all different industries. Regardless of the fact that we are all different, we have very relatable stories and experiences. And great food!” -Erica R.
    ERICA R.
  • ANNY K.
    "I love these types of events but I was also excited about the small number of attendees. I’ve been to bigger events and I felt I got a lot more out of this…The food made it more relaxed and I really liked the partner work to get to know someone even better.” -Anny K.
    ANNY K.
  • TRISH G.
    “[Event] was very natural and genuine—everyone was really friendly and open-hearted. I felt comfortable.” -Trish G.
    TRISH G.