4 Critical Ways to Prepare for a Tough Conversation

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February 18, 2015
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March 1, 2015

4 Critical Ways to Prepare for a Tough Conversation

We’ve all had them- those tough conversations with a co-worker about a delayed project, a performance issue or any number of things that we’d just rather not talk about.

Alternately, maybe it’s a disagreement with a client, and they hung up on you or vice versa. Even worse, right?!

Well, kind of. It may seem like all the blood is rushing to your head and your heart is beating faster either in anticipation of the conversation, during the conversation or directly after. And while that may be biologically true sometimes, it doesn’t actually need to be that way.

Some people I’ve talked to about these types of scenarios look at me like I’m from another planet because they just can’t visualize what it’s like NOT to have a sweaty palm-like conversation with a manager, peer or direct report. And what I say is: it’s all in the prep.

Oftentimes our conversations feel so out of control because they crash down upon us like the angry waves in the 1990 Patrick Swayze classic Point Break.

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