Episode 059: Working Through the Cycle of a Career Change

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September 27, 2018
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Episode 059: Working Through the Cycle of a Career Change

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You know that feeling when it’s time for a new job or career—maybe you’re feeling it now: every day feels like a struggle to get out of bed and get into the office, the hours slowly tick by at a snail’s pace, you feel like you’ve lost some spark of yourself and don’t know how to get it back.


This, my friend, can be called “the doldrums” and it’s part of a totally normal, research-backed cycle of change. So how can you navigate the rest of the steps to the point where you’re working a glorious job that has you leaping out of bed every morning (or at least getting up slightly less groggily)?


Lisa Lewis has the answers. Like me, she’s been through this ringer herself, and came out on the other end wanting to help others navigate career changes and find fulfilling work. She now runs her own coaching business, and has so much good advice on getting through the (not-always-pleasant) cycle to a job you love. And she shares so much of it with us in this episode.


Just a few things you can expect to learn:

  • The difference between being good at something and actually enjoying it
  • What happens when your values don’t match with your work
  • Ways to determine if you just need a new job or you need a whole new career
  • The fears that get in the way of making a job or career change
  • The research-backed cycle that everyone goes through when making a change—and how to navigate it for your own change


Give it a listen, and then let me know—where in the cycle do you think you are?


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Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

When Lisa had completely lost her identity in her work and decided she needed a change (2:30)

How to decide if you need a career change or just a new job (14:40)

The biggest challenges people face when making career changes (20:20)

About the adult developmental lifecycle (27:00)

How the adult developmental lifecycle can play out in a career change (38:30)

Rapid fire travel question (43:50)


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