Episode 058: Failing Towards Success

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September 13, 2018
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September 27, 2018

Episode 058: Failing Towards Success

fear of failure

Being afraid of failure can be a slippery slope. It can stop you from taking chances in your career. It can prevent you from asking for the things you want or deserve. It can even keep you from recognizing your successes.


But here’s the thing—failure can actually help you get closer to success. Alicia Barnes knows this firsthand. She’s had a lot of twists and turns and “failures” in her career, but she’s still alive. She’s still okay. She’s still doing quite well, in fact, just coming back from some time living in London because she wanted to and running her own communications consultancy. And in this episode, she shares the ways in which the failures along the way have helped her get there.


We’ll talk through:

  • The mindset change that will stop you from fearing failure
  • How to learn from your failures
  • What to do if you’re stuck dwelling on your failure
  • And so much more helpful advice to navigating being an imperfect human (aka all of us)


Give it a listen and then I’d love to here—how do you deal with failure?

fear of failure

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Alicia’s story of quitting her job to move to London (2:45)

How Alicia asked her boss for leave to travel (4:45)

What Alicia does now (8:10)

Failure points in Alicia’s career (9:35)

How Alicia has shifted her mindset to combat the fear of failure (15:00)

Advice for people who are stuck dwelling on failure (20:50)

Best and worst career advice Alicia has ever recieved (25:50)

Travel questions (28:00)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  


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