Episode 054: Thriving at Work in the #MeToo Era

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July 17, 2018
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August 7, 2018

Episode 054: Thriving at Work in the #MeToo Era

#metoo at work

It’s an empowering time to be a woman in the workplace. With so many women in the public eye stepping up and saying that they’re not going to stand anymore for being put down, abused, or not taken seriously by the men around them, it makes the rest of us feel like standing up for ourselves is possible, too.


But when it comes to telling that jerky co-worker off or explaining to your (male) boss that you don’t speak up in meetings because you’re always being talked over by, erm, him, you might find yourself stumbling. Dealing with this stuff is a lot harder than it looks!


Jena Booher knows this firsthand. After spending eight years on Wall Street, she left shortly after having her first baby—partially because of the sexism she was facing at work as a mother. That experience sparked her to go back to school to get her masters (and soon her PhD!) in counseling and psychology so she could really understand the science of where these sexist behaviors come from, and be able to coach people with solutions that work. She’s now a strategic culture consultant, helping companies create culture that are scalable and healthy for all employees.


Using Jena’s knowledge, we’re going to get SUPER TACTICAL in this episode, diving into real scripts and examples of ways to handle behaviors like:

  • Mansplaining
  • People doubting your confidence or ability
  • Being interrupted or spoken over
  • Not being supported or encouraged
  • Not being asked your opinion


Jena’s a tough cookie, and she’s not afraid to tell it to someone straight. Hopefully it inspires you deal with tough situations at work! Give the show a listen, and then I’d love to hear if you have any strategies that you’ve used to stand up for yourself in #metoo situations.

#metoo at work

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Jena’s story (2:20)

How Jena figured out her career change (5:30)

Common behaviors that hold women back (9:45)

Ways to deal with mansplaining (11:50)
Ways to deal with not being asked your opinion or advice (21:50)

Bad ways to handle #metoo situations (29:00)

Are male allies important? (34:20)

How to deal when people are constantly putting you down (36:15)

Rapid fire travel questions (38:50)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  



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