Episode 053: Breaking Past the Millennial Stereotype

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June 26, 2018
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July 17, 2018

Episode 053: Breaking Past the Millennial Stereotype

Being a Millennial can feel like a tough break sometimes. Before you even get a chance to prove yourself, people sometimes think you’re self-involved, not interested in doing the grunt work, and that you flit from interest to interest but still want to be promoted to the top by the time you’re 27.


But what if you’re a millennial who does want to work hard? Who does want to get to the top—but is willing to do what it takes to get there? Who truly cares about what other people think because you want to be a better college? How can you get past the negative Millennial stereotype?


Ko Im knows all about this. She’s a Millennial who cares about a lot of things—but she busts her butt at all of them. As a content editor in her day job, the deputy editor of NY Yoga + Life magazine, and a yoga instructor who runs retreats, Ko likes to joke that she has 1.75 careers.


And while she’s clearly done well for herself, she worked her way there—and had to get past plenty of Millennial stereotypes that prevented people from taking her seriously along the way. In this episode, we’ll learn more about her experiences, and how she thinks other Millennials can find success despite the stereotypes. We’ll dig into:


  • What the Millennials stereotype is
  • How to figure out if people have a negative stereotype of you
  • How to break past the stereotype and coach other colleagues to do so


Give it a listen, and then I’d love to hear—what helps you gain the respect of your coworkers despite your Millennial status?

Millennial stereotype

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Ko’s early career as a local TV reporter (2:00)

What the Millennial stereotype is (4:30)

How to tell if you’re falling into the stereotype (6:40)

Being taken seriously while socializing with your coworkers (10:50)

Ways to escape the Millennial stereotype (14:50)

Helping others who you see falling into the trap (19:00)

Other tips for managing the Millennial stereotype (26:15)

Examples of navigating the world of work as a Millennial (29:20)

A bit about Ko’s work (32:35)

Rapid fire travel questions (36:35)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  

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NY Yoga + Life

Ko’s Yoga Retreat in Morocco