Episode 052: Balancing It All as an Entrepreneur and a Mom

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June 5, 2018
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Episode 052: Balancing It All as an Entrepreneur and a Mom

“Having it all” has become quite the topic of conversation these days, especially for women. Is it possible to balance work, family, fitness, friends, and all the other things that build a life? Nobody wonders this more than moms who are entrepreneurs. Having children is tough enough on its own—bringing another “kid” into the mix (a.k.a., a business) can feel impossible.


But it’s most definitely not impossible. In fact, moms may be specially primed to start their own ventures. Lauren Cracower is proof of this. Mother of three, she decided to launch her own communications and branding business, Suite 203. While, yes, it was hard at times (especially in the beginning) and, yes, it took some sacrifices, Lauren wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s doing something she’s truly passionate about, her schedule gives her the flexibility to be there for her kids, and she feels she’s being a model for them of following your vision and making it happen.


Whether you’re a mom thinking about starting a business, an entrepreneur thinking about having kids, or just someone trying to figure out how to balance everything that’s important to you, this episode is bound to have something for you. We’ll dig into:

  • Tools and tricks for managing a very busy schedule
  • The support network you need when you have kids and are running a business
  • Getting over the feeling that it’s impossible to balance it all
  • Deciding how you want to prioritize your time
  • And more!


Give it a listen and let me know—what are your secrets to balancing the different priorities in your life?


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Why Lauren decided to launch her own business (2:30)

Does Lauren sleep with three babies and a business? (3:40)

How Lauren structures her days (5:40)

Tools to help organize your days (8:50)

Lauren’s advice for people who are worried about balancing everything (10:50)

How to start your business when you’re busy (14:50)

About Suite 203 Communications (17:45)

Why people tend to jump the gun and not plan for their business (19:40)

Advice for new moms worried about keeping business going (21:25)

Best advice she’s gotten around finding the balance (23:30)

Worst advice she’s gotten (27:10)

Last wisdom about being an entrepreneur and a mom (28:20)

Rapid fire travel questions (30:30)


Resources Mentioned on the Show: