Episode 048: Starting With Yourself to Map Your Future

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May 16, 2018
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Episode 048: Starting With Yourself to Map Your Future

career mapping

Too often people have the wrong idea about career mapping. They think it means having every little step of the way, every twist and turn, planned out exactly—and because that sounds impossible, they decide career mapping isn’t for them.


Today, I’m urging you to suspend disbelief and give it a chance, because career mapping can be such a great way to guide the decisions that are best for you. And, to help me out, I’m chatting with Sophia Stone—Director of Performance Management & Employee Engagement at L’Oreal USA—about how she thinks a little differently about career mapping for herself and her employees in Episode 048: Starting With Yourself to Map Your Future.


Besides getting deep into the value of career mapping, we’ll chat about:

  • The first things you need to know before making a plan for your career
  • Different exercises you can use to understand yourself and your decisions better
  • How (and why) to regularly assess your career map
  • Getting over the fear of making the “wrong decision”
  • The value of having direction—even if it changes later on


Give it a listen and then I’d love to know: Have you ever tried career mapping? How do you think it helped you propel your career forward?

career mapping

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

When Sophia realized something had to change in her career (1:45)

Making a transition when your current job is taking all your time (4:30)

The myth behind dream jobs (8:15)

What career mapping means (11:45)

Dealing with the fear of making a wrong move (14:30)

First step in thinking about your career map (19:00)

Once you’ve gotten to know yourself, what comes next (28:25)

How much energy to spend planning the future of your career (32:45)

Sticking points that can hold people back (34:40)

The best career / life advice Sophia’s received (41:30)

Rapid fire travel question (43:00)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  

Sophia’s email: sophia_stone@ymail.com

Deep Work by Cal Newport