Episode 042: Cut Through The BS + Make Your Truce With Food

Episode 041: Taking Baby Steps Towards Your Biggest Success
March 13, 2018
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March 27, 2018

Episode 042: Cut Through The BS + Make Your Truce With Food


Food, health and nutrition has always been an interest of mine, and it’s been on turbo drive since I started incorporating probiotics into my diet.  So that’s why I’m SO excited to have the Founder of Truce with Food, Ali Shapiro, on the show today.  


Her ‘see the light’ moment happened in her early 20s when she was sick, sluggish and unwell at the doctor, and her doctor (yes, doctor) suggested a way to get better would be to sprinkle SPLENDA on her salmon (!!!!!!!) 


First of all, a) what does this TASTE LIKE? And b) Splenda has been linked to be a carcinogen, so….that’s fun advice, doc.  


Anyway, she really started to get curious because she knew she wasn’t going to get the answers from the traditional avenues. She realized her vague IBS diagnosis was not the actual problem- it was a SYMPTOM of ‘not digesting her life’ well.  And once she realized that about all the issues going on with her health, she embarked on a nearly two-decade journey that has led her to helping career-minded women revolutionize and transform the way they think about their health- and as an extension, their careers.  


 Take Ali’s quiz here to learn even more about the 3 comfort eating styles. 

The issue goes deeper than the flippant advice we all hear to ‘listen to our body’ or ‘eat less, move more’ so Ali’s talking to us about: 


  • What are the adult development plateau and the socialized mind and how is it impacting you? 
  • Great ‘experiments’ you can do to learn more 
  • Why curiosity lies at the crux of all this work 
  • How 80% of her clients have gone on to change careers after gaining an empowered sense of wellness and the choices they have  
  • Where people struggle with this process – and how to be aware so you can continue moving 


This was a true gem of an episode – there is so much perspective in here and I am a firm believer in how what you put in your body (and how you care for it) REALLY impacts your professional endeavors. So go grab the episode and make sure to tune into Ali’s show, Truce with Food, for more.  



Resources Mentioned on the Show: 


Ali’s website: https://alishapiro.com/ 

Her podcast: Truce with Food 

Book: Grain Brain