Episode 040: The 7 Steps You Can Follow for a Flexible Work Life

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February 27, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Episode 040: The 7 Steps You Can Follow for a Flexible Work Life


Whoops! I mistakenly referred to this as episode 39 in the recording, but if you’re looking for my conversation with Annie Dean, then you’re in the right place!

Sounds like a pipe dream for you, right? That you can go from juggling doctor’s appointments, dropping your kids off, self care and work itself in an 8 or 9 hour period to sanity, flexibility and a way to get your work done that benefits the overall goals of your department and company?  

Well, I’m here this week to tell you that not only is it NOT a pipe dream, but also that workplace flexibility is possible…and it’s here…right now. You are one click away from getting the step-by-step guide to doing this for yourself, courtesy of Werk.  

work flexibility

AND you can learn more about scripts to use + what’s happening in the world of workplace flexibility on this week’s show, Episode 040: The X Steps To Follow For a Flexible Work Life.  

 work flexibility

We’ve got Werk Co-founder Annie Dean on the show to discuss all of this, framing how high the stakes are for companies and individuals, all while giving you practical tools you can use in conversations you’re your manager, HR and team. 

Annie first knew something was awry when she noticed her law school entry class 50/50 male/female, but at the partnership level, there were only 5% female partners. 

Then she realized something was totally not sustainable after she had her first kid in her late 20s and her upward mobility at the firm was pretty much stunted.  

Sound familiar? 

She says a defining and liberating moment for her came not when she was trying to ‘fight the machine’ so to speak but when she realized it was not possible. The system was not set up for success. 

So instead of continuing to work within that system, she decided to change it.  


In this show, we’re talking about SO much and this one’s a good one to tune into whether you’re craving work flexibility or whether you enjoy listening to people helping to change the status quo. We’re yammering about:  


  • How she and her co-founder conceived of the idea and got started 
  • What they’re doing to standardize the world of work flexibility 
  • Their job board and how YOU can become a member (it’s free, so just go do that now [Symbol])  
  • Start a job board where women had access to high level flexible job boards 
  • How to flip the script from something seen as a perk to something standardized across companies 
  • Why work flexibility is a top 3 job criteria for all employees but people feel they have access to it less than 16% of the time.  
  • How you can advocate for this at your company by talking to the Werk folks. Send them a note here and they’ll coach you through it!  

Gals (and guys), seriously- enjoy this episode. Comment on it below. Give us your thoughts. I’m SO joyous a change is a-brewin and so excited that YOU can be involved and benefit from all this amazing jazz! 


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):  


“My life circumstances had changed, but my ambition had not.” 2:55 

The Liberating Moment where Werk was born: 3:30 

Breaking down barriers to work flexibility 7:06 

Strategic benefits of work flexibility 11:00 

Negotiating for work flexibility on your own 18:25 

Overcoming hesitancy to work flexibility 23:00 

Building the business – Werk’s process: 26:50 

How You can Use Werk for work flexibility: 32:00 

Rapid Fire Travel Question: 34:57 


Resources Mentioned on the Show:   

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