Episode 037: Finding the Real Answers to Success

Episode 036: How One Woman Made Two Impactful Career Transitions in 16 Months
February 6, 2018
Get Angry At Work
February 14, 2018

Episode 037: Finding the Real Answers to Success


Whoops! I mistakenly referred to this as episode 36 in the recording, but if you’re looking for my conversation with Margo Aaron about upleveling your career and finding your own success, then you’re in the right place!


I’m going to admit something upfront. There are no answers to how to be successful in this podcast. This won’t cleanly lay out the “8 Fast Ways to Be the Most Successful Person on the Planet.” That’s because I truly believe that type of advice doesn’t work and just distracts us from doing the work to find our own success.


So what is this work, you might ask? Well, according to Margo Aaron, founder of That Seems Important, it involves a lot of getting real with yourself about what you’re good at and what you care about, saying no to things in order to say yes to the things that are really important to you, and—perhaps most importantly—not being afraid to try something and fail and then learn from that failure to move forward. It’s uncomfortable and takes longer than following the latest listicle on how to succeed—but it works better in the long run. And in Episode 37: Finding the Real Answers to Success, she’ll explain how.


be successful


I’m going to warn you: Margo and I kind of nerd out in this episode. We have so much in common when it comes to our philosophies about careers, business, and life. Amongst other things, we’ll discuss:

  • Using curiosity to have insightful conversations with people
  • Fighting “the old guard” of careers and being okay with bouncing around
  • How to stop being afraid of failure and make bigger decisions
  • Why you should stop trying to copy the paths of others and instead figure out what works for you
  • Determining your north star to prioritize how you should be spending your time


Check it out, and then I’d love to hear: What was the last thing you failed at? What “answer” did it give you for moving forward?


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Margo’s intro and how she transitioned career paths (2:30)

Tactics for having good informational interviews (8:35)

How Margo became a business owner (13:50)

What That Seems Important is all about (15:50)

Why people feel stuck on the traditional career path (21:30)

How to find the “answers” to success (23:00)

Places we don’t play “big” enough in our business / career (31:20)

How to decide the areas to focus on improving (35:00)

Ways to learn more about Margo’s work (44:20)

Rapid fire travel question (46:00)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  


Margo on Twitter

Essentialism by Greg McKeown