Episode 033: Using Stillness to Find Success

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January 9, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Episode 033: Using Stillness to Find Success

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Sometimes, January can feel like the month of doing. Everyone’s setting ambitious goals, hustling hard to get a head start on making them happen in the new year (you all know how I feel about hustling…), revving up to prove just how much they’re going to achieve. But what if I told you it might be better to slow down—or even stop completely—sometime this month?


That’s certainly what I gathered from my conversation with Amy Hall. After quitting her startup job a few years ago, she found value in taking some time to step back, take a break, and reflect—so much value, in fact, that she’s launched a company to help others do the same. Through Stillness is a six-week coaching program starting this week that integrates tenets of mindfulness, meditation, and minimalism to help people find calm in everyday chaos and live with more intention. And in Episode 33: Using Stillness to Find Success, she’ll share some of her story and secrets.


While some of you may be internally screaming “THANK YOU JILL AND AMY,” others may be a little more unsure. After all, how can you move forward and make your life better by doing nothing? I urge you to take a listen and give it a shot. Especially during the cold winter when we’d all rather be hibernating anyways.

career reflection

Here are just a few of the insights I think you’ll pick up from the show:


  • How integrating stillness actually takes work—and how to get started
  • How to push past the feeling of being uncomfortable
  • What it looks like to “tune in” to your needs
  • How to recognize when goals don’t align with each other and reprioritize
  • Why you might be allocating your energies all wrong
  • How to get ahead—without hustling hard!


After you listen and give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes for you!


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Amy’s introduction & path (1:45)

How to start finding stillness (8:00)

What you can learn from tuning in (14:00)

On not hustling (16:20)

Amy’s 2018 goals and how she’s planning on reaching them (21:15)

How to be more intentional & realistic with your time (24:50)

A time Amy didn’t achieve a goal and how she handled it (32:10)

Rapid fire travel questions (35:20)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  


@throughstillness on Instagram

Crisis Text Line