Episode 032: Feeling Not Yourself At Work? A Guide For the New Year

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Episode 032: Feeling Not Yourself At Work? A Guide For the New Year

bringing one’s whole self to work

It’s the first full week back at work in 2018 and when the clock struck midnight last week, you were probably all, “New Year, New Me!” You had (and maybe still do!) plans to make 2018 even better than last year. But then you got to work, which you trudge to 5 days a week, and that desire quickly felt further and further away. You’re at a job where you can barely keep your head above water, even though you’re doing the best you can, and even worse – you can’t fully express yourself and bring your whole self to work. 


Bringing one’s whole self to work is such a weird phrase, amirite? Like, of course, your entire person is AT work, so what the heck are people talking about when they say they ‘wish they could bring one’s whole self to work”? 


As someone who has worked the last nearly 4 years with private clients, I would say this is one of the top reasons people want to leave their jobs. In a nutshell, it’s why I left my well-paid, high-level corporate job at the end of 2011.  


So what does it mean? 

bringing one’s whole self to work

In a nutshell…. 


  • Do you ever feel like work is making you a mean girl? 
  • Do you ever feel like you bring just a sliver of yourself to work? 
  • Do you find yourself changing in fundamentally ways to who you really are? Maybe it’s the way you act or dress or talk? 
  • Do you feel a disconnect between who you are at your core and who you are at work? Is it manifesting in various aches, pains, more sickness, etc? 


If any of that resonates, this week’s episode is for you. We have high-performance coach Tara Rae Bradford on this week’s episode, “No More Mean Girls: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work, and she’s telling her story about how she navigated her way through feeling not herself, ultimately becoming the ‘mean girl’ she never intended to be.  


I think we can all resonate on some level.  Grab the episode with the button below, and you’ll hear us talking about our stories and practical tips including: 


  • Practical tools and ways to manage the emotions you’re feeling 
  • The ramifications of ‘getting a thicker skin’ (something we were both told!) 
  • How to get back to ‘being you’ at work 
  • Managing tough work situations with grace and ‘as yourself’ 
  • Dealing with toxic work situations so you can find an exit strategy with grace and calm 

bringing one’s whole self to work

I know this week can be one of the toughest of the year, as our aspirations for the New Year collide mightily with reality, but know this: you have resources and you have what it takes to bring your whole self to work – whether it’s a long-term goal of yours at a job you like or it’s a preservation tactic as you look to get out of a toxic environment.   


And if you need a quick kick in the toosh to get that job search in gear, we’ve got an easy-peasy job search course for you here.  


Show Notes (Timings are Appropriate): 


What happens when work shapes you into something you’re not: 3:47 

Realizations from the jarring experiences: 9:55 

Short term and long-term effects of not bringing your whole self to work: 11:55 

The Stress Response – what happens to you physiologically? 13:30 

Navigating the transition back to ‘being you’: 15:15 

How do you manage a tough work environment? 17:24 

How do you manage a TOXIC work environment? 21:00 

Tara’s work as a high-performance coach- getting people unstuck: 24:00 

Strengths Finder Call with Tara: 27:30 

Rapid Fire Travel Questions: 29:00 





Resources Mentioned on the Show: 


Mind Over Medicine– Dr. Lissa Rankin 

Emotional Agility – Susan David 

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