Episode 031: Setting Goals When You Don’t 100% Know Where You’re Going

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Episode 031: Setting Goals When You Don’t 100% Know Where You’re Going

Career change goal setting

A quick note before we dive in: I made a boo-boo and accidentally referred to last week’s episode with Julia Courtney as episode 31—but it’s actually episode 30. If you’re looking for more info on that episode, head here. If you’re looking for goal setting with Andrea Wien, read on!


As you know, this month we’re talking all about goal-setting, but if you’re unhappy in your current job or know you want to make a major pivot, you may be sitting there thinking, Jill, this is all great, but how do I set goals if I don’t know where I want to go?!


I know it can feel impossible, and that’s why this week I’m so excited to be talking to my spirit animal (in human form) Andrea Wien. Not only are we spirit animals because we both feel like we should have been born sometime before the internet took over our lives, we’re also both unafraid to “burn it all down” and start an entirely new life and career.


Andrea has done this many a time and has learned so much along the way about how to do it well. Here are a few highlights: She started as a journalist, then did PR, then copywriting, then wrote a book about the Gap Year (and took one herself), all before realizing she really wanted to work in the food industry and spending the past year exploring that and building the foundations to start her own health coaching business. She now works as a holistic and culinary nutrition expert who helps people recently diagnosed with gluten intolerances (leaky gut, gas, bloating and fatigue) get their lives back.


Whew! If you’re already exhausted, then go get some coffee, because you’ll want to be alert for all the goodies Andrea has to share in Episode 31: Setting Goals When You Don’t 100% Know Where You’re Going.

See, throughout this journey, Andrea has really refined a process for reflecting on her past experiences to understand what worked (and what didn’t), following kernels of curiosity, and then coming up with realistic steps to move forward. She shares those lessons—and so many more—giving you really practical steps you can take to orient yourself for a great 2018.

Career change goal setting

Just a few of the things you’ll learn from listening:

  • How to feel more comfortable taking risks
  • The nuts and bolts of taking the first steps towards a major career change
  • The process of reflecting on past experiences to choose your best next step
  • How to appreciate your progress when day-to-day change can feel slow
  • Why doing something weird could get you out of your career rut
  • One way to evaluate your progress last year and come up with goals moving forward


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Andrea’s Intro (3:40)

What it takes to feel comfortable reinventing yourself (6:00)

Why reflecting has been so important in Andrea’s career (9:20)

On setting your own barometers of success (12:30)

How Andrea narrowed down her next steps (14:00)

The tools / process Andrea uses to reflect (17:10)

How Andrea got opportunities in a new industry (19:15)

Advice for if you’re not feeling satisfied with your year (25:40)

How Andrea is planning for next year (30:00)

Rapid fire travel questions (38:40)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  


@dreeats on Instagram

Meant to Be Eaten Podcast

Gap to Great: A Parent’s Guide to the Gap Year

Steadfast Coffee, Nashville