Episode 030: Understanding Your Cycles to Propel Yourself Forward

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December 5, 2017
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Episode 030: Understanding Your Cycles to Propel Yourself Forward

hormonal cycles and work

A quick note before we dive in: I made a boo-boo and accidentally called this episode 31 in the podcast, but if you’re looking for information on my conversation with Julia Courtney, you’re in the right place!


Bet you never thought we’d be talking about menstrual cycles on a career podcast. But, it turns out, our natural hormonal cycles (which, yes, affect men, too), can have a huge impact in our energy levels, our ability to communicate, our motivation, and more—and planning around that can make a huge difference in your career.


That’s just one of the many fun facts we learn this week in Episode 30: Understanding Your Cycles to Propel Yourself Forward with Julia Courtney, clinical data manager by day, women’s health advocate and educator by night through her work with Cycles + Sex. I actually worked with Julia as a client, helping her go from “holy moly, I don’t even know what I care about!” to identifying women’s health as a passion and figuring out how to integrate it into her career, and it’s been amazing to see how far she’s come.


If you’re wondering how this fits into December’s theme, it’s because Julia has learned so much from reflecting: reflecting on her cycles, reflecting on her year, reflecting on her career, you name it. And we’re going to dig into all of that to help you move forward powerfully into the new year.


It’s a varied conversation with lots of good nuggets, and here are just a few things you can look forward to learning:

  • How reflecting on your successes can help propel you forward into next steps
  • Why it’s valuable to plan your days around your body’s needs
  • The incredible power of side passions
  • Being okay logging off and stepping back when you need to, and trusting that the inspiration will come back
  • How “small wins” can help you get unstuck
  • And, yes, a bit about cervical fluid


Check it out, and then I’d love to hear: Have you noticed anything about how the cycles your body goes through affect your work?


hormonal cycles and work

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):

Julia’s Intro (1:50)

Why reflecting on your past year is important (7:00)

Being okay with ebbs and flows—and working with them (9:00)

What you can learn from “bio-hacking” (e.g., tracking your cycle) (13:20)

Social taboos and women’s bodies (18:50)

How your side passions can re-engage you with your career (21:45)

2017 Wins: Finding your tribe (25:00)

2017 Wins: Being aware when your priorities need to change (28:55)

How Julia is thinking about 2018 (32:50)

What to do if you’re not satisfied with your year (36:40)

Rapid fire travel questions (40:00)

Last parting words (42:00)


Resources Mentioned on the Show:  

Julia’s Website

Cycles + Sex Website

WomanCode by Alisa Vitti

Period Repair Manual

Hormonology app

Fifth Vital Sign program

Julia’s Instagram

Julia’s LinkedIn


Julia also wanted to share two resources she forgot to mention:

Free downloadable reflection guide called Unravel Your Year by Susannah Conway

Five Minute Journal (I use this every day)