Episode 029: The 7 Keys to Job Search Sanity – just in time for the New Year!

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November 28, 2017
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Episode 029: The 7 Keys to Job Search Sanity – just in time for the New Year!


Have you been spinning your wheels during your job search, feeling like you’re not making any progress? 


Do you feel like you’ve got the skills to get a new job, but something is not quite right with your approach? 


Do you want a few simple tweaks to breathe new life into your job search? 


As I wrote the above, I was like, “WHOA this sounds like one of those cheesy TV ads to “CALL NOW” for a Chia Pet or something. But I swear it’s not. 


I noticed a lot of my clients and friends were struggling with the job search. Forget the fact that it’s not a basket of spring flowers even on the best day, but on top of that, they just weren’t getting the results they wanted.  


They were looking for momentum, call backs, people responding to their applications, being in the know for various opportunities and yes, eventually a job.  


But it was all so elusive. So, I dug deep into their processes, attitudes, and methodologies and I found some gaping holes. 


Enter Stage Left Episode 029: The 7 Keys To Job Search Sanity. On today’s show, we’re breaking down the key mindsets, processes, and tools you need in place to ensure a kick-butt job search – one that leaves you grounded, sane and eventually, with a new job you’re super excited about. 




If what we talk about on the show resonates, we developed a really cost-effective online course that helps you seamlessly implement the principles and tactics we discuss on this show. You can grab that here.



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Show Notes (Timings are Approximate) 


Course information: 2:00 

Letting go of Unrealistic Expectations of Finding a Job 3:30 

Keeping the 70/30 Rule In Mind Throughout Your Professional Life- not just the job search 6:30 

80% of jobs are gotten through a connection – what do you do with that info? 8:30 

Why cold job applications online are the worst 11:00 

Networking is Queen- the key to getting a job 15:43 

The importance of having a plan you can stick to 18:00 

Batching- a key job search technique 19:00 

The one thing people overlook in a job search that can break you 22:00 





Resources Mentioned in the Show: 


The Career Passport’s Job Search Mini Course  

Networking Resource: Six Degrees Society 

Six Degrees Society’s Emily Merrill’s episode on our podcast! 

Networking Resource: BNI