Episode 028: How Gratitude Can Save Your Career (And Maybe Your Life)

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November 14, 2017
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Episode 028: How Gratitude Can Save Your Career (And Maybe Your Life)


What if I told you there’s a really simple (and free!) way you can enhance your career (and life!)? And that anyone can do it – you don’t have to go back to school for an advanced degree or take on so much work in order to ‘prove your worth’ that you want to cry into your class of pinot on the regular. 


Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time, so I’m talking about gratitude here.  

And before your eyes get stuck in your head from rolling them so far, bear with me. As our guest Lauren Chiarello, founder of ChiChiLife tells us on today’s show, How Gratitude Can Save Your Career (and Maybe Your Life), when you actively cultivate gratitude, you help your life- it’s science. Things like the following happen on a cellular physiological level: 


  • Increased self-esteem 
  • Better sleep 
  • More energy 


On an emotional level, you become more resilient and relaxed. In the career area, you’re making better decisions and are getting more collaborative with your team, which achieves positive outcomes and guess what – MORE GRATITUDE!  



Anyway, Lauren and I dig into all of this and more on the show so tune in for tons more on: 


  • How to get started 
  • 3 Simple questions you can ask every day in 2 minutes or less 
  • How to get off autopilot 
  • What’s actually happening to your brain when you take these 2 minutes for yourself 
  • How the Gratitude Factor actually gets you more job and career opportunities  


Don’t worry- neither Lauren and I are woo woo at all, so if you’re slowly backing away from your computer screen like it’s contaminated, fear not. Even the most diehard “get ‘er done, no time for pausing” person (besides maybe my dad) will take something from this convo. 


Also, since I recorded this show, I also read “Mind over Medicine” by Dr. Lissa Rankin. She gets into all of the benefits and changes that happen to your body that Lauren and I discuss in a MUCH more in-depth doctor-esque way.  


And don’t be shy- whether you loved or loathed it, leave a message below or ‘heart’ this post! 




Resources Mentioned in the Show: 


Ralph Marston’s- The Daily Motivator 

Lauren’s Info for events and corporate events 

Lauren’s Instagram: @chichilifenyc 

Gratitude Migration- Annual Event 

Jon Gordon – author of The Energy Bus (which also has various training tools) + The Power of Positive Leadership. 



Show Notes (Timings are Approximate): 


Lauren’s Story 2:35 

Gratitude Discussion: 5:00 

Why is Gratitude so Important? 8:50 

How Can I Get Started with Gratitude? 10:00 

How to Focus…and on What? 17:00 

Real Life Gratitude Case Studies: 23:00 

How Gratitude can Help Your Workout: 25:30 

The Gratitude Factor: Career Edition: 29:00 

Rapid Fire Travel Question: Bali Edition