Episode 023: A Key Question To Identify Your Next Career Move

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October 6, 2017
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October 24, 2017

Episode 023: A Key Question To Identify Your Next Career Move

career move

So I know this month, I’m talking to you all about how to think about your next career move as identifying what sits at the intersection of your unique skills, experiences and set of interests. (The Venn Diagram we’ve been talking about).  


It’s sane, it makes sense, it doesn’t make you feel despondent with cries of “I’ll never figure this out!” (If it does, though, lemme know). 


BUT….but…you had to know there’d be a contrarian opinion or story in here somewhere, didn’t you? 


Enter Maria Yuan, Stage Left. She’s on this week’s show, Episode 023: A Key Question To Identify Your Next Career Move. Maria is the founder and CEO of IssueVoter, an online platform that allows users to directly send their opinions on issues important to them directly to the representatives. They won the NYC Big Apps contest in December of 2015 with the CIO of Google and CTO of NYC and Microsoft amongst the judges and from there, it was off to the races for Maria and her team. 


Maria knows that her skills, interests, and experiences help her do what she does now, but she came at her career move in a different way – she saw a big need and after research asked herself, “Would I regret not doing this?”  


And thus IssueVoter was born. Obviously, there’s more legwork involved than I just wrote here, but essentially, she was paying attention to things that she was interested in, took a problem-based approach and filled the void.  


And this approach isn’t just for ‘entrepreneurs’. As Maria points out, she didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, she worked in politics and financial services first and was in a corporate role when the IssueVoter concept came to her for her next career move. So for example, you can be working in a team at a company and you could use this approach to allow yourself the time to create to think of a whole new problem your company should solve. 


Ok, enough rambling- I just wanted to make sure you got the idea that there are no shortages of ways to approach your career. And that’s not supposed to be a panic-inducing statement by the way! So while she doesn’t take the approach we’re talking about this month so much, she embodies another approach that could work for you too. 


career move

 career move


We’re talking about:

  • The importance of allowing yourself the space to think and create 
  • Early mistakes and how she course corrected 
  • The KEY question she asks herself when she decides whether to do something 
  • Making the switch from a billion to-do items to creating a longer-term sustainable roadmap for her career and biz 


What do you think about the different approaches we’re talking about this month in terms of figuring out your next move? Share stories, struggles and more in the comments below. 


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate): 


What is IssueVoter? 2:03 

How did she come up with IssueVoter as a career move? 4:02 

Lessons Learned and Course Correcting 10:29 

What was an irrational fear of taking the leap and how did you work through it? 12:45 

What’s next for IssueVoter? 15:21 

How did she shift from day-to-day to long-term mindset during this career move? 17:30 

Secrets to success re: Career Evolution 21:40 



Resources Mentioned on the Show:  


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