Episode 022: How One Writer Discovered Her Path – The Inside Scoop

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October 3, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Episode 022: How One Writer Discovered Her Path – The Inside Scoop

There’s no shortage of ways to figure out your next career move.  

I’m not saying that to overwhelm you or scare you, but it’s true. You could hit the networking event circuit hard. You could get lucky reaching out to a few contacts. But if you’re really looking to make a change from what you’re doing now, it’s the perfect opportunity for some in-depth introspection. 

Lucky for you – we’re talking about this during the month of October on the Career Passport Podcast.   



This week’s guest is Karin Eldor, a freelance writer and branding strategist for various mission-driven publications and agencies. And as you may know, we love having conversations with people in the thick of figuring it out – not the usual Beyonce-esque “finished products”, so that you can see what it’s like to be figuring ish out as YOU go through your journey as well. 

We’re talking with Karin (pronounced Ka-REEN) if you call her up for your writing and branding needs!) this week about SO much juicy goodness including: 


  • The inner workings of her mind in terms of figuring out her unique intersection of skills, interests, and experiences— this is a really good birdseye view for you to see an example if you’re in the process of working on this too! 
  • What it was like to actually have the guts to call herself (and start branding herself!) a retail expert (hint: she already was- it was just time to own it) 
  • Early mishaps in the early going and how she overcame them 
  • The importance of boundary setting 
  • Her secrets to success, including surrounding herself with resources and a “Dream Team” of colleagues and professionals – her squad. 


So, like I said if you’re in the throes of trying to figure this out for yourself, get yourself over to this week’s show, AND don’t forget that we have a downloadable tool this month to help you get started. 









1:55: Introduction- how she got to be doing mission-driven branding work 

4:12 Ensuring a new client is aligned with her mission – how? 

6:00 Red flags with taking on projects 

9:13 Bumps along the way and how do you course correct? 

14:00 Importance of Having a “Dream Team” & Fixed vs. Fluid Mindset 

16:42 Karin’s unique intersection of skills, interests, and experiences – how she went about figuring it out and landing on branding (see what I did there?) 

23:40 Goals for the future – how her unique intersection will continue to grow and evolve 

31:50 Get In touch with Karin 





Belma McCaffrey’s Work Bigger Program 

W.E.L.L Summit (conference) – for wellness aficionados and experts 

Karin’s Instagram: @alwayskarin