Episode 021: Tired of the Job Applications Black Hole?

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September 26, 2017
Episode 022: How One Writer Discovered Her Path – The Inside Scoop
October 6, 2017

Episode 021: Tired of the Job Applications Black Hole?

Endless job applications. 

Sending your resume into a black hole.  

Bookmarking job descriptions you frankly aren’t all that jazzed about. 

I KNOW what this is like on so many levels and this month on the Career Passport Podcast, I’m showing you how you can make all of that ish a thing of the past. It wears ya down to spend all that time and energy on a job application, only to receive a form latter saying,  “You aren’t a fit for the role” or worse — never hearing back.  

So today, we’re giving you a tool and the know how to switch up the script when thinking about your next move. No more elusive ‘finding your passion’ advice with no concrete ways to get there. No more “do what you love” advice when you really don’t feel like you have a ‘passion’ when it comes to work. No more “job applications” advice. Say buh-bye. 


We’re digging into a lot including: 


  • How you can stop fitting yourself into the box of an existing job description  
  • A step-by-step process to lead your job search, networking and career development with your unique value. 
  • What your unique value is composed of and how to find it 
  • The times when going through this process are helpful versus not helpful 


We’re talking about not just the WHYS of this but also the HOWS: 

  • How much of your working time should be spent on your current job versus growing 
  • How to find your unique intersection of your skills, interests, and experiences 
  • How two people (one is moi!) used this schematic to figure it out for themselves 


This sets the scene for many other real-life examples to come, as we take you through the month with guests with all sorts of different jobs – meditation, politics, social media/brand strategy and teaching and film production. So grab the know-how on HOW to do this for yourself this week, and stay tuned for the wonderful ride we’ve got planned for you this month!





What does Unique Selling Proposition Mean in the Career Context? 1:57 

Downfall of traditional ways of finding a new role (including job applications): 8:00 

Things to Consider /Shifts in Mindset 10:30 

What does this new approach mean? 14:04 

Working through the process using my tool 14:45 

Examples and context to help you complete the exercise 16:30 




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