Episode 019: Making a Career Out of Resistance

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September 12, 2017
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September 26, 2017

Episode 019: Making a Career Out of Resistance

You will feel resistance at many points in your career- and in your life. 

Let that sink in for a second.  You’re always gonna feel that dread and fear around life’s transitions. 

When you say it THAT way, of course it sounds dire and like you’re being a Negative Nancy.  

But what if knowing that and taking it at face value actually gives you the freedom to work through it and create lasting positive change for yourself?  



On this week’s show, Making a Career Out of Resistance, we’re talking with Susannah Baillin, who has had many a career transition in her varied career.  

And they’ve all come with some version of resistance. We’re talking with her about: 

  • Physical and emotional manifestations of resistance – and realizing these are normal reactions and feelings 
  • Feeling resistance at every transition – and understanding how YOUR own resistance can manifest in health and wellness, sleep, mental psyche and more 
  • How butting heads with the version of myself I think I should be, creates further resistance and starts a vicious cycle that takes work to pull yourself out of 
  • Her process for getting out of resistance and the TWO questions she MUST answer before getting out of resistance 
  • How our “quick fix” listicle (articles like “The 5 Ways to Be More Successful Instantly!) culture adds fuel to the fire. 

I have to say- and I know I say this every week- but we are LUCKY to have Susannah on the show today. She’s able to share a more global view having gone through more transitions than most of us to show us “normal” and to show us what it takes to keep going. When we’re in our own microcosm of our own lives, we can feel alone and frankly, a little dumb (“Why does everyone have this figured out but me?!?”) 

And don’t forget, we’ve created a tool for you this month so you can start to work through your own resistance woes. Grab it at the button directly below this sentence!


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate)  

Introduction: 1:39
What did resistance feel like and look like for her? 2:39
The two questions to ask yourself around resistance: 9:00
Social media or no? 21:34
Resources and Tools to Move Through Resistance 25:00
Questions to use / Ways to Vet Community: 33:00 


Resources Mentioned on the Show 

VIA (Values Interests Assessment) 

Myers Briggs 

Book: What Color Is Your Parachute? 

Book: Connected 

Book: Thinking Fast & Slow 

App: Unstuck 

Book: The Book of Doing 

Cards: The Flip Files