Episode 016: Creating a Career Around a Lifestyle Choice with Creative Edge Travel

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August 15, 2017
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September 5, 2017

Episode 016: Creating a Career Around a Lifestyle Choice with Creative Edge Travel

What do Aziz Ansari and this podcast episode have in common?  

A lot actually. When I read his recent GQ article that touched upon cultural immersion, taking breaks and enjoying life, I just knew I had to talk about it with Sierra Busch, founder of Creative Edge Travel.   

This week, we’re wrapping up our August theme around Doing Work Around Something You Love. As with a lot of the stories we tell on the show, she’s in the thick of figuring out how to merge her love of travel and new experiences with a business model that satisfies her – and pays the bills.  

As I think you might be catching onto by this point in the month if you’ve been listening to all the shows, this isn’t an overnight thing. (Or in my case, it’s not something that happens within a year or two). 

I’m not saying that AT ALL to scare you away from this. I know that might be the first inclination, but actually, what I’m trying to say is that once you allow your brain to realize it’s normal, it can kinda make the whole process and journey fun with a dash of terrifying, rather than terrifying with a dash of fun.  


See? Doesn’t that sound better already!? 


All kidding aside, there are GEMS in this episode that I’m outlining below, but you can listen to us talk about it in way more detail in the show. 



I met Sierra through Dreamers/Doers, a networking group I’ve mentioned on the show that we’re both in. We’ve been friends and colleagues for a couple years now, and one thing that’s always struck me about Sierra is her seriousness in committing to the journey of this new travel business, not a quick fix to whatever she was experiencing or a quick win. She’s thoughtful and introspective and we can all take at least one lesson from her playbook, including some of these goodies:  


  • INTERIM GOALS: If you just have a big far off goal, it feels like it’s never getting any closer. Sierra has an ‘end of week goal’ that she checks in on every Sunday night as it relates to the BIG goal. She describes how she does this as relates to her travel biz on the show. 
  • WORK SMART: Are you checking off tiny things that mean nothing thinking you’re accomplishing something? There’s a better way we discuss on the show.  
  • WHAT’S YOUR MISSION: This is a word and idea thrown around a lot, and while it’s important, Sierra takes it to a whole new level. And you’ll be surprised when you listen- it’s not what you think.  
  • KISS OF DEATH WHEN YOU’RE JUST GETTING STARTED: When people get stuck, they usually behave and react in a certain way. We discuss the way that keeps you moving forward, rather than running for the hills.  
  • PULLING AT THREADS: This is a concept I talk about a lot. It’s not about HUGE AHA MOMENTS ALL THE TIME! Those happen, but it’s really the tiny threads of thought you pull at and explore that lead you to the aha moment.  Her trip to Italy provided a ton of those threads for her travel biz. 
  • BURNOUT: When you’re trying to make something new and figure it out, burnout tries to be your bestie. Don’t let it. Listen to Sierra’s sage advice on this now.  


I’ll stop yammering here and let you get to the show. It’s SUCH a good one for any of you looking to start something on the side to hear a little more about what it’s actually like before you get into it. And it’s also good for those of us just starting something new- we’re in the thick of it, and not every day is roses and sunshine, so this show keeps in real with some actual tips you can use for yourself.  

 And don’t forget- this month’s tool on tracking things in your biz is still very much alive and well!




Show Notes (Timings are Approximate):  


Sierra’s Intro: 1:30 

The Balancing Act – Her secret 4:02 

Structuring her day 5:02 

Working on her mission: 11:45 

Aziz Ansari: 15:23 

The moment Sierra realized she wanted career and lifestyle to mesh: 18:32 

Internal pressure and corporate pressure 23:45 

How Italy led to this transformation 27:20 

Drawbacks to this new endeavor: 31:15 

Mantra/Technique for Rocky Days: 35:44 

Rapid Fire Travel Questions: 38:00 



How to Keep in Touch with Sierra: 


Website: www.creativeedgetravel.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creativeedgetravel/ 

Artwork: https://www.watercolor-muse.com/ 




Resources Mentioned on the Show: 


Toggl- time management tool 

Trello- project management tool 

GQ Aziz Ansari Article 

Work Away – volunteering and working through travel in foreign countries 

Essentialism– Book by Greg McKeown 

Travelistas United – Facebook group for travel lovers and travel entrepreneurs