Episode 015: What’s it REALLY Like in the Early Stages of a New Career?

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August 8, 2017
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Episode 015: What’s it REALLY Like in the Early Stages of a New Career?

Ever wonder what the VERY early stages of a new career or business are? Like….that very moment when a seed germinates? Or even earlier than that, when the future business owner or whomever was ‘all over the place’ or unfocused? 

I don’t think those stories get told enough, so that’s why August’s theme really digs into that. We’ve already talked with a few people in the thick of it here and here, and Erin Greenawald talked last month about the exploring she’s doing (PS: I hired her to do the copy for my new website- stay tuned!) 

Today, you get an oh-so-special treat. You get to listen to JUST me for 30 minutes in today’s show “What’s it REALLY Like in the Early Stages of a New Career”. You lucky ducks! 

 I created a tool for this show and month to help you track things in the early early stages of your biz or side project. Get it here.

 early stages of a new career


Once in awhile, I’ll do a solo show and this was the perfect opportunity. I’m taking you through the four phases of the early stages of a new career and starting my business (and moving to doing it full time). And the first phase starts earlier than you might think- in my comfortable corporate job.  Here’s a quick roadmap to the episode: 


  • Phase One: Corporate Life 
  • Phase Two: Breakout Time- Exploration Phase! 
  • Phase Three: Back in the USA: Learning and Growing 
  • Phase Four: Enter Heather, Stage Left: Transitioning to a Full-Time Business Owner 


And you know, usually I cringe at the sound of my own voice (Does anyone else think they sound like Steve Urkel?) but I sound pretty darn good here, so I’ll let the melodic staccato of my voice tell you the majority of this story, but some key points are included here: 


  • This one SOUNDS obvious but we forget it all the damn time. I didn’t know what was gonna happen looking forward so I can only tell you this story looking backwards.  MEANING, I didn’t have a fancy 5-year plan at first. 
  • Evaluate and maintain space for introspection. In other words, write shit down. 
  • It’s all about being open to receiving. Receiving new experiences and perspectives, so you can later connect the dots between ideas and experiences 
  • When you make the decision to make a big change and move toward the early stages of a new career, you will have an “OH CRAP” moment where you convince yourself you must abandon ship and stay the course. This is the universe testing you. If you’ve made a decision, it’s because you’ve DONE.YOUR.HOMEWORK. 
  • There will be lags. Look, life gets in the way AND/OR you have shifting priorities. Just because you were determined and it fell by the wayside, doesn’t mean it’s lost forever.  
  • You grow with time and experience. That’s it. There’s no magic pill. 


Ok, seriously, there’s so much more than that IN the show about the early stages of a new career, so go listen now and grab the tool! 


early stages of a new career

Show Notes (Timings are Approximate) 


Introduction of Show 1:00 

4 Phase Approach to the Early Stages of a New Career 2:28 

How to Take the Pressure Off: 3:15 

Phase 1: Corporate Phase: 5:18 

Phase 2: Breakout Time! – Exploration Phase: 11:30 

Phase 3: Back in the USA! Growing & Learning: 19:43 

Phase 4: Enter Heather, Stage Left- Transitioning to a Full-Time Business Owner: 22:20 


Resources Mentioned in the Show 


Mi Huerta Nino  

IPEC Coaching School 

Heather Markel- My Business Coach 

Amy Porterfield- Your Ideal Client Podcast 

Six Degrees Society 

Jill’s Career Passport Retreat! 

Levo League