Episode 014: How Can Someone’s Travel & Life Experiences Lead to a New Business Venture?

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August 1, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Episode 014: How Can Someone’s Travel & Life Experiences Lead to a New Business Venture?

Have you been itching to maybe start something new for your career? Maybe not necessarily CHANGE careers at this point, but dip your toe in something new on the side?  

Are you at a loss for what that might be, or even if you have an idea, you don’t know where to start? 

In August, The Career Passport is exploring this theme of starting something interesting on the side and potentially expanding it eventually to BE your career. We’re talking a lot about the early stages of this, the part a lot of people skip over or don’t really talk about when sharing their stories. We’re talking with people in the thick of it- they’ve started something, but they’re in the beginning stages of it, so they’re just a few short steps ahead of you (meaning: your idea is TOTALLY doable!) 

This week on Episode 014: Building Your Side Hustle With Focus and Sanity, we’re talking with Mari DiChiara, Founder of Mari on the Map, a different kind of travel experiences and advice blog. I’ll let her tell you more, but the big thing that makes me go back to the site almost weekly is that she really succeeds in making sure people with limited vacation time and dollars look back on the trip with really great memories and know that all of the travel experiences they had were totally worth their limited time off.  

travel experiences

travel experiences


How Mari’s Travel Experiences, Etc Led to Mari On the Map 


We’re talking with Mari about the verrrrry early beginnings of her service and blog, so that you can see what the very beginning of an idea looks like. I want you to grab a listen to get your own nuggets from this juicy episode, but I’ll share what stuck out to me the most here, so that you can start to see these things for yourself in your own life. 

  1. The Setup/Circumstances: Mari recognized she wasn’t feeling that creatively challenged and she noticed an idea a friend to post a photo a day on Instagram, and she adapted that to be around something she loved- travel.  What’s missing for you and how can you recognize it and go out and get it? 
  1. Say Yes to New (Travel) Experiences: This is something we bring up often on the show and Mari underscores the importance of it in the genesis of her website and service. You’ll see how she says ‘yes’ when you listen, but I urge you to think of ways you can say ‘yes’ to new things to open up doors for yourself.  


Early Stage Trial and Error 


And as always, I’m not just going to stop with the very beginnings of Mari’s blog! We’re also talking about her process as she’s moving through the first phases including: 


  • Juggling the blog with work and consulting projects – specific hacks and systems she uses to keep it moving and growing 
  • Monetizing: How she’s currently thinking of ways to potentially turn this into a full time thing down the road. 


Because here’s the thing- we often see people who are, in our eyes, massive successes and we often have this misconception that it just sprang up overnight.  


Rarely do we see the beginning stages of something, the trial and errors, the hours it takes to create one simple page….and THAT, my friends, is often the reason we give up before we really even get started, so I’m SO grateful to Mari for sharing these ebbs and flows with us today on the show! 


And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pearls of wisdom from Mari: 


“The learning process should never end – if you’re asking how and why all the time, then you’re always learning something new and growing.” 


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate) 


Mari’s decision to pursue Mari on the Map: 2:25 

Saying Yes (to new travel experiences, et al) 7:55 

Making the most of time off (travel experiences hack!) 9:15 

Travel Experiences Enrich the rest of your life 11:15 

Creating White Space for Idea Generating 13:50 

Doubts & How She Overcame Them: 17:40 

The Next Phase for Mari on the Map- The Evolution to Monetization:  21:35 

The WINS for Putting Your Authentic Self Out in the World 27:00 

Juggling Work, Consulting & Mari on the Map- Hacks & Tips: 28:40 

Rapid Fire Travel Questions (with the expert this time!!): 41:00 




Resources Mentioned on the Show 

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